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We are based in and around London, United Kingdom.

We're an innovative holdings company in the digital media space.

Our brands change how people use digital media everyday, through affordable, creative thinking.

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We love it when innovation merges with business.

We are constantly coming up with new ideas and products so we can enhance your relationship with Digital Media. With more than half of the world using Social Media, we at Arctane Group feel it is vitally important for the end-user to have the ultimate control over their image.

Since 2018 our aim has been to simplify how people use digital media.

The process of building a digital product can be extremely costly, frustrating and extensively complex. With the Digital Media Industry reaching a market share of $199,643,000 this year, we feel it is vitally important that individuals and businesses are correctly informed and have the ability to access this at afforable prices.

Our array of digital products allow you to be in control.

No more complex processes or procedures, view our variety of products to learn more.

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We understand our market... and we have the facts to back it up!

A large amount of understanding your industry is doing the research. We have spent countless hours researching to make sure that our products benefit our customers, allowing them to increase their online visibility by a substancial amount.

Facts provided by © Stadiumred, Inc (trading as MediaKix).

In a whitepaper published by Cisco, video is predicted to greatly outperform all other online mediums in the coming years. Brands are preparing for the shift, with U.S. online video ad spend projected to hit $17 billion by 2020.

According to Time, the average attention span of a goldfish is one second longer than a consumer’s. From a metrics standpoint, a user is 106% more likely to bounce on mobile when the load speed is six seconds.

Content marketing strategy is an ascending priority for many advertisers. Today’s consumers are attracted to images, so marketers must integrate visuals with written content. Consumer preference for image-rich content also relates the previously mentioned rise of online video

In a survey by Animoto, four out of five consumers said a video showing how a product or service works was important. Additionally, the survey found that 4X as many consumers prefer a video on a product to an article. These facts further support the notion that brands should already be increasing the output of video content.


Company News

Recent Corporate News from our Group of Companies.

Arctane Digital Improved CDN Coverage

Subsidary Brand

Arctane Digital Content Delivery Network Coverage!

We have expanded our Network to include Load-Balancing in the event our primary server suffers issues.

Arctane Digital Payment Support

Subsidary Brand

Arctane Digital Payment Support!

Our Clients can now access a wider range of payments options when paying for our products.

Arctane Digital Privacy Hub Released

Subsidary Brand

Arctane Digital Privacy Hub is Released!

We have now made it easier for our clients, and partners to view a unified legal panel.

Arctane Digital is Incorporated

Subsidary Brand

Arctane Digital is now Incorporated!

Arctane Digital is now a subsidary company under Arctane Group.

Arctane Group is Incorporated

Corporate Main

Arctane Group is Incorporated!

We are now a fully registered company in England and Wales.

About our Company

We started our journey in 2018 doing basic websites for local businesses, and we have since grown dramatically due to our professionally designed intuitive services. We have rapidly expanded in 2020, changing Arctane Group to a holdings management company and subsidising our businesses out.

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